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Demonstrator & Show Model Cabinets

Every year we build cabinets for our demonstrator vehicles and tradeshow booths showing off our latest designs, technology and options. From time to time, these demonstrator and show models are available for sale. For more information on any cabinet shown below, please call your local Rockland sales rep at (855) 808-2597 or fill out the contact form located at the bottom of the page.

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Quantity Available: 1


Price: $1,455
Vehicle Type: Ford Interceptor Utility
Size: 40W x 31D x 23H

Drawer, Simplex lock, Parts Drawer.  Like New and Used.

Quantity Available: 3


Price: $1,779
Vehicle Type: Interceptor, Explorer
Size: 40W x 18D x 25H

Weapons Drawer, Simplex and Foam, LonSeal™ Parts & FileDrawer.   Like New and Used.

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